850th jubilee

Heaven is here is a jubilee exhibition celebrating 850 years of Uppsala arch-diocese.

850 years ago, in 1164, the monk Stefan was ordained in the presence of the Pope as Sweden’s first archbishop in Sens, France. The Pope also decreed Uppsala to be the arch-episcopal seat in the church province of Sweden. In Stefan’s time, Old Uppsala Church served as the cathedral. About 100 years later, building started for what is now Uppsala Cathedral on the Cathedral mound in Uppsala, and the arch-episcopal seat was moved there.

The diocese of Uppsala, previously known as the arch-diocese, encompasses Hälsingland, Gästrikland and a large part of Uppland. The population of the diocese is 741,873, of whom about 71% are members of the Church of Sweden.

Sweden is divided into 13 dioceses with a bishop in each one. Uppsala diocese has two bishops, archbishop Antje Jackelén and bishop Ragnar Persenius.