About Heaven is here

Man and sacred art through a thousand years

Heaven is here is an exhibition held in Uppsala Cathedral June 18th – November 16th, displaying more than 50 art treasures from churces in Uppsala diocese, museums and libraries, in a meeting with contemporary art. The exhibition is about meetings – between then and now, man and God, the earthly and the heavenly.


The Heaven is here project is promoted by the Church of Sweden, Uppsala diocese and Uppsala Cathedral parish.

Exhibition project manager: Helene Warpe Nymansson
Exhibition realization: Tove Alderin Studio
Curator: Eva Asp
Exhibition texts: Lars Åstrand
Exhibition graphics: Sophia Wood

The exhibition is arranged with support from World Class Uppsala, the Cultural Committee of Uppsala Municipality and the Museum Gustavianum with Uppsala University’s art collections, and in collaboration with Forum for Research on Church Cultural Heritage, the Department of Art History, Uppsala University, Uppsala Art Museum, Upplands Museum, Uppsala University Library, the National Historical Museum, Hälsinglands Museum, Sigtuna Museum, The National Library of Sweden, Sensus Study Association and the parishes in Uppsala diocese who have loaned exhibition objects.

Exhibition realization

Tove Alderin Studio is a visionary studio working in the intersection of scenography, art and architecture. The studio works with exhibitions for museums, site-specific works and other realizations in city spaces. The studio is based in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

In 2007, Tove Alderin from Tove Alderin Studio and Johan Carlson from JAC Studios also founded the Scandinavian team JAC.TA Collaboration.

Recently completed assignments include Uppsala Art Museum in Uppsala, Absolute Art Collection in Stockholm, Töjhusmuseet in Copenhagen, the film “Magt” with script, direction and production by JAC.TA, Museum Jorn in Silkeborg and the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.

Artistic director: Tove Alderin, scenography, design.
Co-worker: Frederic Eklöf, architect.


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