Saint Bridget

“Lord, show me thy path and make me willing to follow it.” Thus prayed St Bridget (Birgitta), Sweden’s most important saint. Help me to see. And help me to act.

Saints have existed throughout Church history. Some are like fantastic legends, others lived quite recently. What the real saints have in common is that they show us who God is and can be examples and companions to us on our way through life. St Bridget lived in the 14th century, but she has a great deal to say to us as well. She was a forceful woman, intrepidly passing on the message God had given her, even if it was awkward and dangerous. In Sweden, kings and magnates trembled before her. And in Europe at large, her revelations were listened to. The image of Mary and the little Christ Child lying on the floor comes from one of them. Its widespread currency in Christian art testifies to Bridget’s importance. Today she is one of the patron saints of Europe. The Christian faith and the Church transformed society, for example, through matrimonial legislation (requiring the voluntary assent of both parties) and through convents in which women could find a place and shape their lives more independently.

You find it in the Finsta Chapel.