“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Baptism is rebirth. How can you be reborn in your old age? By water and the Spirit.

Baptism invites us to enter a path of life. The little child baptised knows nothing about it, but the fact remains: baptism welcomes, purifies, protects and endows with grace the life which has just begun. A person baptised in riper years can understand this immediately: baptism is about who I am. Jesus was baptised in the Jordan because He wanted to be one of us. We are baptised so as to belong together with Him. We become members of the same body – the community of baptism is that strong. The water flows round about us; there is no life without it. And when it gets too deep and the current bears us away, He has promised: “I am with you always.” Baptism is an invitation, the beginning of community within the Church.

You find it in the Sture Chapel.