The Community

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” The church is a place of community, of companionship with each other and with God. There do not have to be many of us – just two or three, and Jesus has promised to be in the midst of us.

The Church has a mission. Often this is already apparent from the church tower – many churches have towers which are meant to be visible far and wide. And you can also hear it from the bells, which were among the very first acquisitions made, once the church itself had been built. There are serious gaps in our knowledge concerning Christian worship during its early years in Sweden, but the service we perform today has foundation stones which were already ancient then – prayers, songs, baptism and communion. The Skog Tapestry provides our very oldest picture of a church and a church service. Perhaps the building of a church was the first communal project undertaken by people living in a district where, previously, the clans had kept themselves to themselves and buried their dead on the homestead. Church is above all concerned with a summons – a call to consider, live on, explore and experience together. The bells adjure us: “Come!”

You find it in the Jagellon Chapel.