“Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness.” This is how the Apostle Paul describes the Christian faith. That faith can seem preposterous, like something which people could perhaps believe in in the past. But, reading the Bible, one understands that things have probably always been this way. And yet in it people have found meaning and guidance for living.

Christianity is about putting things together – things which do not fit together so very easily. Ideals and reality. Life and death. Pas and present. God and man. At the centre we have the conviction that God came here, the reason being our inability to climb up to Him. This is called incarnation – God made man. But a god who turns into a helpless little baby…?! A god who is arrested, deserted and executed on a cross…?! No wonder if this proves to be a “stumblingblock” and seems like foolishness. Whether this is so is something each of us has to examine and decide personally. He has promised that we can do it together with Him, that He is in the midst of us to this day, in the bread and wine of the communion. Where we are, He has to be. Where He is, we have to be.

You find it at the High Altar.